Hydrated filling cream heat and frost stable (before baking or frozen)

Flavours: Lemon custard, Chocolate.

Product conservation:

12 month (if conserved in its primary sealed packaging)


Kg. 1000 returnable stainless steel-tanks (25 tanks per truck)

Kg. 25 plastic-bucket (24 buckets per pallet, 30 pallets per truck)

Minimum quantities:

Kg. 7000 for new products.

Kg. 2000 for existing products.

Delivery:Ex-work our factory.

AW max 0,83, dry matter 60-66%, ph 4.5 – 6.0

Ideal for filling bakery products after oven

BACTERIOLOGICAL COUNT: already low to begin with, tends to decrease with the passing of time and creates an environment hostile to the developing of yeasts and moulds.

APPEARANCE: it is always creamy and maintains this characteristics in time. Viscosity can be changed to customers request

OTHERS: it doesn’t transfer or absorb humidity if used in products with similar AW.

Cream Range

Lemon custard, Chocolate.

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