Franciacorta Cream

Franciacorta Cream

Founded by Luigi Gozio in 1902, this company developed during the following three generations through the search for traditional continuity together with constant determination to evolve in order to meet market requirements and consumer’s taste.

Since the very beginning, the company has focused its activity on the manufacture of grappa and brandy and on studying and developing cream liqueurs.
1977 marked an important stage in the company’s development, the experience acquired in the cream liqueurs, together with the growing demand of the confectionery industry, allowed the growth, as part of its structure of a specific “Cream division”.

Over time, “Franciacorta – Cream division” company, has installed a series of very modern machines, capable of guaranteeing large production lots without renouncing, in any way, to the quality standards required by a first-rate product.

In fact, the company’s policy has always tried to unite technological development and traditional production methods and procedures in an efficient manner and all this has allowed Distillerie Franciacorta to be, nowadays, one of the most important industrial realities in this sector.

The considerable experience and undisputed know-how acquired over the years, has allowed “Franciacorta – Cream division” to become, through the supply of filling creams, the reference partner for the leading national confectionery industry operators like Bauli, Melegatti, Barilla, Dal Colle, Gran Milano, Maina, Motta Alemagna, Balocco, Midi, Indoor di Antonelli, Casalini and other in foreign markets like Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Greece and e Russia.

Furthermore it has also to be mentioned that the remarkable critical mass production and economies of scale and process which are generated result in interesting achievements in terms of value for money.