The best tailors conceive, design and create made-to-measure clothing for the joy of human beings and the soul.

We at “FRANCIACORTA CREAM” create tailored creams with traditional or trendy flavours, to answer the different needs of our customers.Natural products created by human beings to satisfy other human beings. Creaminess, originality, flavour.

This is our commitment.

Filling creams

Most of the creams made by “Franciacorta - Cream” have a shelf life of 12 months, at room temperature.

This is an important feature made possible thanks to the painstaking care given to product development which ensures low water activity and prevents breeding of microbes.

This guarantees a longer life also of the dough.

The fact that the cream is immediately ready for use, without requiring any further working by the user is therefore a big convenience that leaves time for the operator to carefully dedicate himself to the remaining preparation work.

Used as a filling in confectionery products makes these softer as a result of the water balance achieved between cream and paste. What is more, as time passes, the latter tends to acquire the typical aroma of the cream used.